Allstar Weekend in Janesville, Wisconsin.

I’m way too lazy to type up a whole report of everything that went down because it was a reallllllly long day. But for the most part it was a good day! We woke up at 4AM and traveled from Chicago to Janesville, getting there shortly after 7AM in hopes of securing a good spot for the show that night. Uinfortunately there was no organized line and no one knew where we were supposed to stand, so we literally just sat around in the grandstands/walked around the fair until they started letting us fill the grass area at 5PM.

Around two o’clock, Allstar arrived and I met Eric Nicolau, who is currently playing lead guitar in place of Nathan, and I also met Cameron. Eric is such a sweetheart, I can’t even get over how nice he is. Or how attractive….cough. But you can tell he really appreciates the love he’s getting from the fans. Cam is Cam, and as usual he was adorable and cheerful. I would have stayed around to catch Mikey and/or Zach but I didn’t feel like putting up with the heat and I wanted to save my energy for later when the show started. I had met them plenty of times before anyway, so I’d rather have someone else stand against the barricade and meet them who hasn’t yet.

We ended up getting front row after a chaotic and dangerous stampede towards the stage once they dropped the ropes entering the lawn area. Stupid on security’s part. A few girls did end up getting hurt due to this lack of organization. Greyson Chance went on first. He was adorable and his fans were so excited to see him. They were little so my friends and I were kind enough to kneel during his set allowing them to see over us.

Allstar Weekend was phenomenal! They played a pretty dang good set. Probably one of my favorites. Yet I always have fun at their shows so it doesn’t even matter. After the show, we attended their meet and greet and I’m pretty pleased with how the picture turned out! It wasn’t even that rushed, I had a chance to hug each of them and let them know I’d be seeing them later in August. It was pretty chill. We chatted with Dillon afterwards as well. This ended up being way longer than I intended it to be and there’s probably plenty of details I missed, but when you’re at a show for 15 hours, it’s almost impossible to keep the story short!